Living or having lived in France
 march 26 thru april 18, 1958 - Catalog Exhibition 434 Wabash Avenue

International Galleries analysis conclusions, comments and critics
extracted from the catalogs of the exhibition "Contemporary Masters"

Preeminent artists, Preeminent  remarkable artists, Unmistakable painters, Obvious prominent painters , preeminent contemporary artists.

Georges Braque

Georges Braque
"One of the originators of cubism"

Marc Chagall

​Marc Chagall
"Chagall remains one of the great expressionists"

Georges Yatridès

Georges Yatridès
"Surrounded by series of insignificant contemporaries"

André Lhote

​André Lhote
"Lhote influence on contemporay art has been considerable"

Pablo Picasso

​Pablo Picasso
"His recent work has shown a desappointng decadence"

François Desnoyer

​François Desnoyer
"One of the most significant  painter"

fernand Léger

​Fernand Léger
"Dynamic interpretator of  modern life"

Marcel gromaire

​Marcel Gromaire
"Leading expressionist"

Jacques Villon

​Jacques Villon
 "Biennale in Venice winner"

roger chapelain-midy

​Roger Chapelain-Midy
 "Winner of one of the Carnegie prizes along  with Vlaminsk and Utrillo"

Jean Puy

​Jean Puy
"Importance given to its work in Charpentier exhibition"